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A Korg tuner and a Harpgear.net pickup

Robert Webster of Harpgear.net
Korg CA-40 tuner with
pickup by Harpgear.net

  »  Plug your Harpgear.net pickup into the Korg CA-40 input socket, then place the pickup onto your harp
  »  Background interference is eliminated, because the tuner will now respond only to your instrument
  »  A noisy environment will no longer prevent accurate tuning
  »  Pickup and tuner combination has a range of well over 5 octaves

Harpgear.net pickup

  »  Quality ΒΌ" (6.35mm) jack plug
  »  Housed in attractive wooden casing
  »  Designed and made in the UK by Harpgear.net

Korg CA-40 tuner

  »  This has a larger screen than its predecessor (the CA-30)
  »  The screen is supplemented by 3 bright LEDs to aid perfect tuning
  »  Auto power-off to save batteries
  »  Battery life is approximately 85 hours of continuous use
  »  Calibration setting is retained in its memory
  »  Click here for the full Korg CA-40 details


Harpgear.net pickup NZ $48.00  (Includes delivery in New Zealand)
Korg CA-40 tuner NZ $40.00  (Includes delivery in New Zealand)
Harpgear.net pickup & Korg CA-40 tuner Only $80.00   saving $8.00  (Includes delivery in New Zealand)


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