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The 'Harpgear Giglight'

Giglight by Harpgear.net
Harpgear.net Giglight.
Image taken in pitch black darkness

Giglight by Harpgear.net
Harpgear.net Giglight
(approx. 340 x 45 x 40 mm,

  »  Compact, lightweight, very bright, great battery life
  »  COB LEDs (Chips On Board) - full-spectrum, white light
  »  One COB element- will light up a full score, and lots of your harp strings
  »  190mm gooseneck arm for easy light positioning
  »  The switch toggles Full/Low/Off/   Full/Low/Off  etc
  »  3 AAA alkaline batteries (not supplied).  On full, will last up to 6 hours
  »  3 AAA rechargeable batteries (not supplied).  On full, will last up to 4 hours
  »  Micro USB socket for alternate power supply - NB NOT for battery charging


  »  With batteries - less than 100gm, or about 3.5oz

Dimensions - Gooseneck Straight

  »  340mm x 45mm x 40mm, or about 13.5" x 1.75" x 1.5"

Dimensions - Gooseneck Folded in Half

  »  about 160mm x 60mm x 40mm, or about 6.5" x 2.5" x 1.5"


1 x Giglight only (includes NZ delivery) $35.00
2 x Giglights (includes NZ delivery) $60.00


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